What’s The Key To Lifelong Brain Fitness For Seniors?

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In terms of brain fitness for seniors, it doesn’t take a scientist to point out that aging can take its toll on the brain. As we age, our brain gets lighter, and certain crucial chemicals decrease. However, this process isn’t identical for every person, and many people in their 50s and 60s, especially those with challenging career and family lives, feel they can’t afford to lose even a minor amount of mental acuity.  They are a receptive market for brain fitness exercises, understanding that how they manage their day-to-day lives will have an influence on how sharp they remain as seniors. In the very near future, part of this daily management will begin to include brain fitness programs specifically for seniors.

Part of the emphasis on mind-body health will be the integration of physical exercise with mental exercise. Physical exercise has been shown to increase the rate of neurogenesis, or the creation of new brain cells, while mental exercise is now showing promise of supporting the health of newly created brain cells. While these two forms of exercise usually take place in separate settings such as health clubs or libraries and colleges, new programs will combine brain fitness for seniors with gym workouts.

It is becoming more widely accepted by the medical and the general public that a balanced program of moderate physical exercise, good nutrition, stress reduction combined with brain training can help maintain cognitive health throughout life.

We are just beginning to discover how science combined with cutting-edge technology can be used to enhance brain health. It is particularly exciting to contemplate the rich benefits that computerized cognitive assessment and training will have on seniors in assisted living situations. In the near future, as government initiatives begin to move toward prevention of Alzheimer’s and other age-related diseases, we can expect to see an increased emphasis on the senior market. As part of this new trend, computerized brain tools are finally beginning to be offered to senior housing residents as a part of comprehensive wellness programs.

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