Brain Games

Brain games for adults and seniors grew out of scientific studies showing that challenging the brain can have positive effects for adults of any age.  Although early scientific evidence concluded that altering the brain was impossible, recent evidence does show that when challenged, the brain changes itself to meet new demands.

In fact, each time the brain is challenged, nerve extensions within the brain, called dendrites, form new connections.  Brain training games such as Memory Matrix, Lost in Migration and Word Bubbles offer a cognitive challenge, while being free and fun to play at the same time.

Memory Matrix challenges each player to remember a pattern, while at the same time, constructing a matrix that grows increasing bigger and more complex. This brain training game trains the brain’s working memory, flashing a pattern for just an instant before it vanishes. The player is then asked to reproduce it from memory.

Lost In Migration allows a player to gain mental focus, sharpening concentration skills while playing an exciting brain training game.  Players are shown a flock of birds, and must press an arrow key that matches the direction of the bird in the center.  Just a slight distraction on the part of the player can scramble the flock.

Word Bubbles demands verbal skill.  Players begin with a word prefix, then build longer words by adding letters.  As letters are added, bubbles appear. The bubble rise to the surface only when the player correctly guesses words that might begin with the three-letter prefix.

Brain training games are a fun, simple way for everyone to increase concentration.  They prompt a player to pay close attention to selected information, while shutting out distractions.  Developing concentration skills through brain training games can increase productivity in other important areas of life, such as work or school.