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Brain fitness for seniors has fast become an important part of lifelong well-being. Brain training that targets memory, attention and focus can lead to better recollection, faster reaction time and an overall sharper mind.

There is a lot of information out there, and it can get a little confusing, so I created this website just for you.

You'll find information, exercises and brain games created with seniors in mind. Have a look around, and please enjoy yourself!

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Untangling the Alzheimer’s Brain

By Simon Evans Alzheimer’s is a debilitating disease where circuits in the brain literally get ‘tangled up’ and cause cognitive problems. Research into the causes and possible treatments for Alzheimer’s is intensive and beginning to provide rays of hope for families hit with this disorder. The Triple Threat One tool that researchers have used extensively is a mouse model,... Read more

7 Ways to Improve Your Memory

By John Parks Research has shown that seniors who were cognitively active were 2.6 times less likely to develop Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia than those who were not. This is a statistic that may help motivate many older adults to consider taking some time to sharpen their own cognitive skills. Retirement years are a time to relax and enjoy the rewards of a lifetime of work and challenges... Read more

Anti-Aging Tip: Worried About Memory Loss? Try These Brain Exercises

By Ellen Wood You CAN grow younger and one of the best anti-aging action steps is exercise. But ‘use it or lose it’ doesn’t apply only to muscle fitness or sex. It also applies to the brain. Our brains change as we mature but it’s not all about decline. I recently read about a brain scientist with two teenage sons who noticed such changes in their personalities that she started... Read more

Brain Games For Seniors – Play Brain Games to Improve Memory Power and Thinking Skills

by Craig Robin It is now scientifically proven that the brain starts deteriorating with age, and this process of aging begins from as early as 30. And, seniors will have to take extra care about their mental health too besides their physical to keep diseases such as dementia or Alzheimer’s at bay. There is nothing like exercising the brain with frequent activity, challenging your brain with new... Read more

What’s The Key To Lifelong Brain Fitness For Seniors?

In terms of brain fitness for seniors, it doesn’t take a scientist to point out that aging can take its toll on the brain. As we age, our brain gets lighter, and certain crucial chemicals decrease. However, this process isn’t identical for every person, and many people in their 50s and 60s, especially those with challenging career and family lives, feel they can’t afford to lose even a minor... Read more

Does Brain Fitness Really Benefit You?

The vast majority of people who think about exercise, really only ever consider the exercise that goes into the human body. In reality, however, it is important for you to make sure that every part of your body is as fit as possible. This would include the brain, which is not only necessary for thought, it can actually help you in many ways to overcome barriers that you may be experiencing in... Read more

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